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I America Movie stars Bela Padilla as a daughter of a former prostitute mother in Olongapo and wants to meet her American father for the first time.

I AmericaProduced by The Idea First Company and Eight Films and directed by Ivan Andrew Payawal, this family drama film won the Balanghai Trophy Best Supporting Actress award for Elizabeth Oropesa in 2016 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

I America Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Bela Padilla plays Erica Berry, a 27-year old part-time commercial talent living in Olongapo City and speaks funny broken English. Her mother is Rose (Elizabeth Oropesa), a former prostitute who now runs her own strip bar and never had any real affection for her. Erica is living with a woman who is not her mother but loves her very much along with other adopted Amerasian girls she has adopted.

Erica wanted to meet her biological father John Berry (Rob Rownd) and found him online. Little did she know that Rose has been communicating with him along. John and Erica eventually meet for the first time, and he wanted to bring her back to the US. However, she learned that she does not have a birth certificate. It turned out she is using the wrong name all along, and that her real surname is Perry, and not Berry.

I America Movie Cast

Bela Padilla, Rob Rownd, Elizabeth Oropesa, Matt Evans, Thou Reyes, Sheena Ramos, Joe Vargas, Raflesia Bravo, Julz Savard, Lui Manansala, Kate Bautista, Rhyzza Kafilas and many more.

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