Huwag Kang Kikibo Full Movie (2001)

Huwag Kang Kikibo is a Philippine romance drama movie released in 2001. The film is directed by Gil Portes and written by Ricardo Lee. Produced by Teamwork Productions, the main casts of this drama/thriller film are Priscilla Almeda, Raymond Bagatsing, Via Veloso, and Leandro Baldemor.

This film is the second movie Priscilla Almeda and Leandro Baldemor together after their 1996 film Sariwa.

Huwag Kang Kikibo Plot

Huwag Kang Kikibo is said to be inspired by the Director’s experience as a kid growing up in a quiet town of Pagbilao, Quezon that settles at the foot of Mt. Banahaw. The said mountain is branded as the home of the gods. Ricky Lee scripted the plot from the director’s story idea.

In the movie, Raymond Bagatsing played the role of a cult leader while Priscilla Almeda as one of his followers he spellbinds into total submission. The plot is about the cult leader whose touch can change the lives of his followers, including the confused city girl (Priscilla). Priscilla falls under Raymond’s enchantment and gets pregnant like some of the other female cult members as well.

The director justified the nude scenes in the movie as an integral part of the plot. One example is when the cult leader baptized the city girl in the ice-cold water of the waterfall in Mt. Banahaw. Baptism has to be in the nude because that’s how they baptize their new members to make it more natural like the other cults.

Huwag Kang Kikibo Cast

Priscilla Almeda, Raymond Bagatsing, Via Veloso, Leandro Baldemor, Lawrence David, Cheska Diaz, Camille Roxas, Aki Zabarte and more.

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