Hiram Full Movie (2003)

Hiram is a 2003 Filipino action drama bold movie directed by Romy Suzara. The film was written by Romy Suzara with Joey T. Serrano and Raymund Imperior sharing the writing credit.

The film stars Ace Espinosa, Eddie Gutierrez, and Melanie Marquez in the leading roles. It was produced by Angora films and was based on Geroge Canseco’s song with the same title.

Hiram Plot

Money, sex, power is the main reason why two parties and powerful clans fight until no one is standing.

Hiram Cast

Ace Espinosa, Eddie Gutierrez, Melanie Marquez, Aleck Bovick, Jess Lapid Jr., Brando Legaspi, Levi Ignacio, Conrad Poe, Johnny Vicar, Ana Capri, Lynn Madrigal

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