Hintayan Ng Langit Full Movie (2018)

Hintayan Ng Langit is a 2018 Philippine independent drama film written by Juan Miguel Severo and directed by Dan Villega. The film stars Eddie Garcia, Gina Pareño, and Joel Saracho in the leading roles. It was produced by QCinema, Globe Studios, and Project 8 Corner San Joaquin Projects.

Hintayan Ng Langit Movie Plot

Lisang is two years late. After dying from a complication of diabetes in her 60’s, Lisang has overstayed in her waiting room in purgatory, occasionally causing other souls trouble for her own entertainment.

But today her waiting ends. Today, she is finally set to crossover and her room is to be leased to a new tenant: Manolo, her newly deceased ex-boyfriend.

Hintayan Ng Langit Movie Cast

Eddie Garcia, Gina Pareño, Joel Saracho, Kat Galang, Mary Joy Apostol, Jomari Angeles, Geraldine Villamil, Dolly De Leon, Francis Mata, Karl Medina, Che Ramos, Mel Kimura

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