High Tide Full Movie (2017)

High Tide is a 2017 Philippine independent drama-adventure film written and directed by Tara Illenberger. The film stars Arthur Solinap, Dalin Sarmiento, and Sunshine Teodoro and was produced by ToFarm, Bonfire Productions, Dark Media Creations, and Universal Harvester. It was distributed by Solar Pictures. The film uses Hiligaynon as the official language.

High Tide Movie Plot

When Unyok lost both his parents to super-typhoon Ising, he lost his ability to speak. He and his family used to live in a small island with about 20 other families, but due to climate change, the sea level has become so erratic and dangerously high that the small island has become a “no-man’s-land”.

As a disaster risk-reduction measure, the local government forcibly resettled all the families to the mainland. Now, he lives in the mainland coastal village with his friends Dayday and Laila. Every low tide they would go look for clams together in the shoreline. What little income they would get from selling clams they would give to their father, Tibor, who does back-breaking labor in the bangus fishpond of a rich man.

When the girls’ mother becomes seriously ill, they frantically search for clams to help their father with the increasing hospital expense. Unfortunately, the supply of clams on the mainland coastline anymore is depleting. In an attempt to help, Unyok leads the girls…

High Tide Movie Cast

Arthur Solinap, Dalin Sarmiento, Sunshine Teodoro, Forrest Kyle Buscato, Christine Mary Demaisip, Riena Christal Shin, Nathan Sotto, Onal Golez, Allen Rivera Galindo, Allain Hablo, Rynshien Olivete, Mitch Fresnillo, Kyle Fermindoza

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