Green Paradise Full Movie (2007)

Green Paradise is a 2007 Philippine romance drama film written by Dinno Erece and directed by Kant Leung and Esmeraldo Santos. The film stars
Cristine Reyes, Andrew Schimmer, and Kris Martinez.

Considered a sexy and bold film, Green Paradise was produced and distributed by New City Entertainment.

Green Paradise Plot Summary

Kristina, a beautiful young lady who sells fresh fruits in her province, only wants a simple life. And her father, Ronaldo, manages a large hectare of Mango farm.

Every weekend, Her ambitious father wants Kristina to go to the nearest beach resort and to try to sell fresh fruits. He hopes that someday she would find a wealthy man who would take them away from hardship.

When finally, Louie and his friends came to the beach resort and met Kristina. Unfortunately, Kristina is in love with someone else… Who will Kristina love? And will her father’s hope in life come true?

Green Paradise Cast

Cristine Reyes, Andrew Schimmer, Kris Martinez, Joel Torre, Rio Locsin, Juan Rodrigo, Jiro Manio, Charee Pineda, Raffy Anido, Justin De Leon

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