Gluta Full Movie (2021)

Gluta is a 2021 drama film produced and directed by Darryl Yap. It stars Ella Cruz as the main protagonist. The film was produced by Viva Films and VinCentiments and distributed by Viva Films.

Gluta Movie Plot

“Gluta” tells the story of Angel, an indigenous Aeta, who’s always dreamed of being a beauty titlist despite all the discouragements and ridicule she’s been getting because of her dark skin. Angel keeps telling herself that she is beautiful and that one day, she will prove to her doubters that she can win in a beauty contest.

As a beauty pageant is about to be held in her university, Angel finds herself included as a contestant because of the malicious intent of her schoolmates. Angel’s crush, Bambino, also starts to show interest in her, but Bambino is just being used by a mean girl named Lovely.

As people try harder to bring Angel down, the more she stands proud of how she looks and who she is. She must stay focused on the Miss University pageant where her confidence will ultimately be tested.

Gluta Movie Cast

Ella Cruz, Marco Gallo, Rose Van Ginke,Juliana Parizcova Segovia, Jobelyn Manuel, Loren Mariñas, Billy Jake Cortez, Roanna Marie Mercado, Michael Catindig, Cristina Gonzales, Arlene Muhlach, Maebelle Medina, Beatriz Jean David, Joyce Magcalas, Neil Villanueva

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