Gising Na Si Adan Full Movie (2002)

Gising na si Adan is an action-drama film released in the Philippines under Jolo Films in 2002. The film stars Gary Estrada who plays alongside Allona Amor, Via Veloso, and Jeffrey Santos.

This is the last film directed by screenwriter-director Felix E. Dalay before passing away in 2008.

Gising Na Si Adan Movie Plot

Lt. Adan Crisologo is an outstanding soldier stationed in Mindanao. He puts his duty to the country above all else, so when he learns that his commander was arrested on kidnap for ransom charges, he grows disenchanted.

Adan goes back to Manila to visit his girlfriend, Monique (Allona Amor) who works as a bar dancer and attends a family reunion in the province. At the bar, tensions rise between Adan and Jepoy D’ Pogi (Jeffrey Santos) whose girlfriend, Sandra (Aya Medel), wants to have sex with Monique.

Adan and Monique attend a birthday party for his sister-in-law, Rachel (Via Veloso). Adan’s brother, P/Supt. Lance Crisologo (Dick Israel) tells Adan to bring Monique to the reunion the next day.

On their way to the province, they encounter Jepoy and his gang and get into another skirmish with them on the road. Jepoy thinks himself immune from the hand of justice as he is the son of a governor.

Lance, being a man in uniform, goes after them, only to get himself and his family into more danger than nobody asked for. It’s now up to Adan to get them out of Jepoy’s clutches and safely back to their provincial home.

Gising Na Si Adan Movie Cast

Gary Estrada, Aya Medel, Allona Amor, Via Veloso, Dick Israel, Jeffrey Santos, Charlie Davao, Lucita Soriano, Cris Daluz, Alvin Anson, Marco Polo Garcia, Edwin Reyes, John Vincent Baclig, Brisel “Lovely” Lopez, Ernie Forte, Boy Gomez, Falcon Laxa, Resty Hernandez, Manny Pungay, Jamie “Pango” Cuales, Jack Barry, Christian Bansil, Rosalinda Rosal, Pepito Diaz, Atong Frias, Rey Fabian, Lance Garrick Celis, Ronald Asinas

Gising Na Si Adan Full Movie

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