Gamitan Full Movie (2002)

Gamitan is a 2002 Philippine drama film written and directed by Quark Henares. It stars Maui Taylor, Wendell Ramos, and Jordan Herrera among others. Gamitan was a hit duringĀ  Maui Taylor’s young career.

Gamitan is one of the movies of Maqui Taylor considered “bold”

Gamitan Movie Plot

Cathy, a young and innocent freshman, had a crush on the senior hunk, Nick, the campus’ basketball star. One day, he came to her and asked her to have dinner and drive her home.

One thing led to another until she ended up sleeping with him for the first time in her life not knowing that he made a bet with his friends. He dumped her right after he got what he wanted without any explanation.

Filled with hatred she seduced Louie, her classmate who had a crush on her, to get back at him – and as a favor, she would go to bed with him. Things got out of hand and led to a tragic ending.

Gamitan Movie Cast

Maui Taylor, Wendell Ramos, Jordan Herrera, Patricia Javier

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