F#*@bois Full Movie (2019)

F#*@bois (Fuccbois) is a 2019 Filipino drama film written and directed by Eduardo W. Roy. The film won the best direction at the 2019 Cinemalaya. It was produced by Cinemalaya Foundation and stars Royce Cabrera and Kokoy de Santon in the leading roles.

F#*@bois Plot

Ace (23) and Miko (17) desperately want to become famous actors but it seems the universe has a different plan for their lives.

F#*@bois Cast

Royce Cabrera, Kokoy de Santos, Ricky Davao, Yayo Aguila, Ruby Ruiz, Janvier Daily, Mimi Juareza, Miguel Villasis, Marlon Marcia, Vandave Lopez, Jericho Bautista, Ron Angeles, Dan Corbe

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