Excuse Me Po Full Movie (2018)

Excuse Me Po is a 2018 Filipino drama film written and directed by Ronald Espinosa Batallones and starring Elizabeth Oropesa, Matt Daclan, and Anna Luna in the leading roles. The film was produced by CineFilipino,  Cignal Entertainment, Dark Media Creations, and Bonfire Productions,.

Excuse Me Po Plot

Hilda is a 65-year-old senior citizen who makes a living out of begging inside and outside of the mall. She worked as an extra in the movies in the 80s. Her acting skills have become handy in turning into a con artist but all because of an ailing husband with Parkinson’s disease.

Without Hilda’s knowledge, Ruel, a filmmaker has been observing her M.O. or modus operandi. Ruel approached Hilda to ask if he can turn her life into a film and she agrees. As it turns out, this had become her ticket to playing herself in the movie.

Excuse Me Po Cast

Elizabeth Oropesa, Matt Daclan, Anna Luna, Angeli Nicole Sanoy, Chanel Latorre, Sunshine Teodoro, Rener Concepcion, Shandii Bacolod, Dalin Sarmiento, Emmanuel Dela Cruz, Yam Mercado, Daniel Deopante, Juan Miguel Emmanuel, Johanah Basanta, Ria Cordero

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