Esprit De Corps Full Movie (2014)

Esprit De Corps is a 2014 Philippine drama film written and directed by Auraeus Solito and stars Sandino Martin, JC Santos, and Lharby Policarpio in the leading roles. The film was produced and distributed by Cinema One Originals.

Esprit De Corps Plot Summary

An adaptation of Auraeus Solito’s play entitled Esprit de Corps in the 1980’s about the game of seduction and ranks in the ROTC, It is a queer story of two cadets and their pursuit to outwit a corrupt Major Marcus for his position.

Esprit De Corps Cast

Sandino Martin, JC Santos, Lharby Policarpio, Gary Lim, Abner Delina, Sue Prado, VJ Mendoza, Jonathan Neri, Russell Legaspi, Sig Pecho, Io Balanon, Don Gordon

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