Edward Full Movie (2019)

Edward is a 2019 Filipino comedy-drama film directed by Thop Nazareno and written by Denise O’Hara, Sarah Pagcaliwanagan, Nazareno himself, and John paul Bedia. It was produced by Cinemalaya Foundation, Viva Films, and Outpost Visual Frontier. The film received several awards including Grand Jury Prize.

Edward Plot

A public hospital serves as a witness to a young boy’s rite of passage when he is stuck to take care of his ailing father. Caught in a place where life itself is in limbo, the boy treats the hospital as his playground, not knowing that it will be his source of liberation in the end, especially when he has to juggle the idea of puppy love versus the idea of familial love. Edward, Thop Nazareno’s sophomore coming of age feature, is a testament to a teenager finding self-actualization in the reality of a Philippine public hospital setting.

Edward Cast

Louise Abuel, Ella Cruz, Dido de la Paz, Elijah Canlas, Manuel Chua

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