Edsa Woolworth Full Movie (2015)

Edsa Woolworth is a 2015 Filipino comedy-drama film directed by John-D Lazatin and written by Noel Nuguit. It stars Pokwang, Ricci Chan, and Steven Spohn.

Edsa Woolworth is the second film from the silver screen tandem of comedienne-actor Pokwang and director John-D Lazatin. It has equal parts drama and comedy that easily brings to fore universal values of love and compassion among family members.

Edsa Woolworth Plot

The ties that bind this family goes beyond language, race, culture, food, and even blood.

Bound by a stubborn affection and the utmost respect for each other, despite their quirks and idiosyncracies – the Woolworth family sticks together.

They go through a rollercoaster of life-changing experiences that define their decisions and their choices. With personalities that collide, they fight and bicker along the way, and yet there is a tenderness felt for one another that sneaks in even in the most mundane instances.

Edsa Woolworth Cast

Pokwang, Ricci Chan, Steven Spohn, Prince Saruhan, Lee O’Brian, Lee Robin Salazar, Michael Dorado, Vivian Foz, Princess Ryan

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