Dyamper Full Movie (2016)

Dyamper is a 2016 Filipino drama film written and directed by Mes De Guzman. It stars Alchris Galura, Carlo Aquino, and Timothy Castillo among others, and was produced by Brillante Mendoza under Solar Entertainment.

Dyamper Movie Plot

Three friends wait along Dalton Pass every dawn to jump at the back of rice delivery trucks to steal the goods and sell them at the wet market as their means of income.

One of them accidentally gets a pack of drugs in one of the trucks they jumped and finds themselves in jeopardy when its owners track them down to retrieve the stash and give them a chance to get off the hook by means of taking on a risky mission.

Dyamper Movie Cast

Alchris Galura, Carlo Aquino, Timothy Castillo, Kristoffer King, Liza DiƱo, Debbie Garcia

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