DOTA: Nakakabaliw Full Movie (2014)

DOTA: Nakakabaliw is a 2014 Philippine drama film written and directed by Dyzal M. Damun. The film stars Joyce Ching, Joana Elle, and James Matthew in the leading roles. It was produced and distributed by Manchester Talent Productions Films.

DOTA: Nakakabaliw Plot

The film explores the life of teens who are addicted to the popular online game DOTA (Defense of the Ancients).

An obsession with an online video game turns dangerous for a group of teenagers.

DOTA: Nakakabaliw Cast

Joyce Ching, Joana Elle, James Matthew, Jaypee Adalem, Roldan Aquino, Danny Labra, Marivic Cuyugan, Whitney Tyson

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