Dingding Lang ang Pagitan Full Movie (1986)

Dingding Lang ang Pagitan is a 1986 Philippine drama film directed by Ruben Abalos. The film stars Maria Isabel Lopez who at that time, was well known for sexy roles in her films. It was produced by Ian Film Productions and distributed by Solar Films.

Dingding Lang ang Pagitan Plot

Two neighbors were involved in a romantic relationship that made their lives change. With only a wall between them, the daily encounters were inevitable.

Dingding Lang ang Pagitan Cast

Maria Isabel Lopez, Olivia Ortiz, Orestes Ojeda, Albert Eugenio, Danny Labra, Avel Morado, Lucy Quinto, Amparo Marquez, Mary Ann Francisco, Willynn Santos

Dingding Lang ang Pagitan Full Movie

We don’t have a full copy of this movie but you may enjoy another similar film below.

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