Damong Makamandag Full Movie (1988)

Damong Makamandag is a 1988 Filipino action movie starring Vic Vargas, Gino Antonio, Ramon Zamora, Lala Montelibano, and Cherrie Madrigal. Produced by Uniworld Films and directed by Nestor Arsenal. Damong Makamandag is one of the classic films in Philippine cinema.

Ramon Zamora was a Filipino actor dubbed as “Bruce Lee of the Philippines” best known for his leading roles in local martial arts and action films.

Damong Makamandag Plot

In the movie, Vic Vargas plays Col. Joe Ramos, a police officer while Gino Antonio plays Frank, a delivery man. They had their first encounter as Col. Joe Ramos helps Frank fight a group of drunk men.

Both met again while waiting for Pinky (Lala Montelibano) and learned that both of them have feelings for her. That night, they saw Pinky with an unknown person having an intimate moment. The next day, Frank learned that Pinky is in a relationship with Yvonne (Cherrie Madrigal).

Frank did an unforgivable deed to Yvonne that made her want to get revenge. Frank called Yvonne to ask for forgiveness and both agreed to meet at their old meeting place. Yvonne planned her revenge with Ramon (Ramon Zamora), the boss of a rubbery syndicate who keeps on pursuing his love interest for her. The conflict then led to Pinky killing Yvonne trying to save Frank.

Damong Makamandag Cast

Vic Vargas, Ramon Zamora, Lala Montelibano, Cherrie Madrigal, Gino Antonio, Dencio Padilla, Anita Linda, Johnny Vicar, Jun Lapuz, Rico Tariman and many more.

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