Dama De Noche Full Movie (1998)

Dama De Noche is a 1998 Filipino crime drama bold film written and directed by Lore Reyes. It stars Ynez Veneracion, Mark Gil, and Lara Fabregas. The film was produced and distributed by Neal Films and Viva Films.

Dama De Noche Plot

A woman (Ynez Veneracion) who was maltreated during her younger years (Aiza Marquez played the young role) gets revenge on the people who abused her.

Dama De Noche Cast

Ynez Veneracion, Mark Gil, Lara Fabregas, Junell Hernando,Simon Ibarra,Jaclyn Jose, Aiza Marquez, Maureen Mauricio, Sherilyn Reyes,

Watch Dama De Noche Full Movie

We don’t have a copy of this film but you can watch a similar bold movie below titled “Scorpio Nights”.

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