Dalaga Na Si Sabel Full Movie (1995)

Dalaga Na Si Sabel is a 1997 Filipino drama film starring Izza Ignacio in the titular role. The movie, Dalaga Na Si Sabel was released under Skorpion Films.

It was directed by Ruben S. Abalos (director of Maria Isabel Lopez and Albert Eugenio’s “Dingding Lang ang Pagitan” movie) and written by Mike Loanzon

Dalaga Na Si Sabel Movie Plot

Heron, a local fisherman, and Isabel fall in love even though their parents, especially Isabel’s mother, disagree with it. Isabel (played by Izza Ignacio), a loving daughter, is forced by her mother into marriage to pay for a longstanding debt they have from the proprietor of a fishery, an old well-mannered man named Cabesa Sendong (played by Ricky Belmonte).

Isabel is torn between her love for Heron and her desire to help her family. She was pressured to make a decision. In spite of the uncertainty, she decided to give in to her mother’s plea.

Cabesa Sendong and Isabel got married, and it seems like everything is falling into place despite the social pressure surrounding them. But Heron, driven by desire and greed, would not just easily give up.

He even plotted an evil plan to ruin everything, persuading Isabel to conspire with him. As a result, her perceived fairy tale story unraveled greed, infidelity, and revenge.

Cabesa loves Isabel with all his heart, but will his love prove to be enough to make Isabel stand for him until the end? An unsung hero and the twist at the end will surprise you.

Dalaga Na Si Sabel Movie Cast

Izza Ignacio, Efren Reyes Jr., Jean Saburit, Ricky Belmonte, Romano Vasquez, Gem Castillo, Jun Palatao, Roy Rodrigo, Ramona Revilla, Jerome Advincula, Eric Junio, Lily Villegas, Karen Panlino, Arman De Guzman and a lot more.

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