Cuddle Weather Full Movie (2019)

Cuddle Weather is a 2019 Filipino film that brings a mix of romance, drama, comedy, and controversy wrapped in one movie. With Sue Ramirez and RK Bagatsing taking on the lead roles, they surely stir the heat up of the entire storyline with an unusual take on the world’s oldest “profession”.Written and directed by Rod Marmol, produced by Lea Calmerin, and released under Regal Entertainment Inc., this movie will take you to a different perspective about love and “profession”

Cuddle Weather Movie Plot

Adela Johnson’s (Sue Ramirez) journey began when she met Ram (RK Bagatsing) who is an aspiring seaman but turned to prostitution to fend for his immediate family.

Following uneventful happenings in adjacent motel rooms with their respective clients, Ram realizes that Adela is a “pro” in such an industry and wanted to learn from her. In Ram’s desire to become an “expert”, he asked Adela to become his “senpai” (the Japanese term for mentor) which the latter hastily accepted.

Their mentor-mentee relationship began when they become roommates and Ram cuddles Adela occasionally in bed without the sex. Adela even paid Ram for the first cuddle. As they spent more time with each other, they realized that they started to care deeper for one another and their relationship is more than just a mentor and a mentee.

Although they both came, they saw, they conquered, and they came again, it became clearer for them that they want more than just loveless lovemaking.

Cuddle Weather Movie Cast

Sue Ramirez, RK Bagatsing

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