Changing Partners Full Movie (2018)

Changing Partners is a Filipino drama film based on the Palanca Award-winning PETA musical play from Vincent De Jesus. The screenplay was written by De Jesus and Lilit Reyes for the Cinema One Originals Film Festival in 2017. Dan Villegas took the helm as the director and the movie was commercially released by Star Cinema a year later. The original actors from the stage play portrayed their film counterparts.

Changing Partners Plot

Romantic love is a universal emotion. It transcends age, cultures, religion, family background, and even today’s shifting gender identities. A film like Changing Partners masterfully demonstrates this complex concept with a story focused on just two main characters — Alex and Cris.

But rather than telling a linear romantic story, Changing Partners conjures different scenarios between Alex and Cris as four different individuals to show the challenges of being in a relationship.

One story plays out Alex and Cris’s coupling as a May-December romance between an older man (Jojit Lorenzo) and a younger woman (Anna Luna).

In another story, the age gap shifts to a young man (Sandino Martin) and an older woman (Agot Isidro). In the third story, Alex and Cris (Lorezon and Martin) are actually a gay couple, while the fourth story is about Alex and Cris (Isidro and Luna) as lesbian lovers.

Changing Partners shows that age is but a number when it comes to love. The struggles and pain of two people working to stay in a relationship are also the same, regardless of their dynamics.

The movie depicts that issues like trust, giving space, and achieving fulfillment are necessary for love to thrive in a relationship. Conflicts aren’t necessarily driven by a third party but it may be because of a person’s insecurity, jealousy, envy, and even the loss of love.

Changing Partners Movie Cast

Agot Isidro, Jojit Lorenzo, Sandino Martin, and Anna Luna

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