Bukang Bibig Full Movie (2002)

Bukang Bibig is a 2002 Pinoy drama film. It tackles the life of Aya Medel as Myrna, a very beautiful waitress as several suitors try to woe her heart.

The title comes from her very strict mother’s philosophy that she should only marry someone rich. The TV cut available at Cinema One seems to be lacking any real scenes and is probably just rated between PG to R-13.

Bukang Bibig Movie Plot

The first half of the movie starts out by showing the life of Mr. Segundo, a very wealthy and kind man. He finds himself an assistant that oozes with appeal in the persona of Sydney Segovia as Cora. Because of his standing in life, several people, including the congressman want him to run for Mayor.

They met in a restaurant where he also sees Myrna. Soon after, Myrna is introduced to Ariel, Mr. Segundo’s brother who made her a tour guide for his friend Mike while they are visiting the Philippines for business.

Everything ends in turmoil when Cora’s boyfriend killed her and secrets are exposed ultimately destroying Mr. Segundo’s reputation of being a nice guy and loving husband. The second half of the movie cuts to the life of Myrna in the aftermath of the scandal.

She has sired a son from her relationship with Ariel, but her partner is Gary. Ariel is on a path of “vengeance” in reclaiming his son as well as making Myrna pay for his family’s downfall.

The epilogue in itself is a bit anti-climactic as it only served to tie loose ends like a typical feel-good Filipino movie. Ariel, in a way to redeem himself, left his son in Myrna’s care basically wasting the last half of the movie’s precursor.

Bukang Bibig Movie Cast

Yda Manzano, Francis Enriquez, Jeffrey Gonzales, Sydney Segovia, Aya Medel, Marilou Ver, Tess Orias, Kim Mendoza, Nonong De Andres, Michael Gomez, Aldo Alvarez, Ian Valdemon, Joseph Baltazan, Tony Manalo, Gene Basilio, Eric dela Cruz, Dexter Dela Cruz, Eddie Reyes, Renz De Vera

Bukang Bibig Full Movie

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