Bona Full Movie (1980)

Bona Movie stars Superstar Nora Aunor as a young woman who had a very strong crush on an aspiring action star but ended up losing self-respect.

Produced by Nora herself through NV Productions, this Lino Brocka masterpiece is an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival and was shown at the 1981 Cannes International Film Festival.

Bona Movie Plot

In the movie, Gardo (Phillip Salvador) is an actor but is not really famous. In addition, he is a womanizer and living in a poor neighborhood. Nevertheless, Bona finds him so attractive that she can’t help but be obsessed with him.

In fact, she allowed herself to be his servant including fetching water for him, bathing him, and even arranging an abortion for one of his women. But later, Bona could not take him any longer and killed him.

For her stunning performance, Nora Aunor was nominated for Best Actress in FAMAS and won the said award in Gawad Urian Award. As years passed by, this Nora Aunor movie has been considered one of the Philippines’ greatest movies ever made. In 1997, the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, USA cited Bona as one of “The Best 100 Films in the World.”

Bona Movie Cast

Nora Aunor, Phillip Salvador, Marissa Delgado, Raquel Monteza, Venchito Galvez, Rustica Carpio, Nanding Josef, Spanky Manikan, The PETA Kalinangan Ensemble, and many more.

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