Black Lipstick Full Movie (2019)

Black Lipstick is a 2019 Filipino Romance-drama film written by Maria Zita Garganera, Kaila Factolerin, and directed by Julius Alfonso. It was produced by Obra Cinema and distributed by Cineko Productions. The film stars Kuline Alcantara and veteran actress Snooky Serna.

Black Lipstick Plot

Ikay, a girl stricken with the skin disorder vitiligo, is often described as a living meme within her University. Upon discovering the powers of a magical black lipstick, “Icky Ikay” leads a double life as the social media influencer named Jessie. Set in the world of vlogs, dating apps, and live videos – Black Lipstick reimagines the concepts of beauty and acceptance in the age of social media.

Black Lipstick Cast

Kyline Alcantara, Snooky Serna, Migo Adecer, Manolo Pedrosa, Kate Valdez, Thia Thomalla, Angeli Nicole Sanoy, Chesca Salcedo, Nella Marie Dizon, Eunice Lagusad, Phi Palmos, Angel Guardian, James Teng, Patricia Roxas, Nichole Villanueva

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