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Biglang Liko is a 2002 Filipino drama film written and directed by Joven Tan and stars Halina Perez, Barbara Milano, and Simon Ibarra among others. It was produced and distributed by Starlight Films.

biglang-likoBiglang Liko is one of the sexy star’s popular films and helped her career take off. The film is just one of Halina’s 8 feature films in 2002.

Biglang Liko Movie Summary

Gerry left his province in the province and look for a better job in the city where he became an extra taxi driver. He is also looking for his girlfriend who left before him. There she met Lerma who was depressed. Lerma tried to seduce him but he refused but stayed inside the motel to accompany her.

Gerry and Lerma developed an intimate relationship. Will the two end up living happily?Biglang Liko Movie Cast

Halina Perez, Barbara Milano, Simon Ibarra, Stella L, Anita Linda, Nina Lopez, Gerald Madrid, Harold Pineda, Richard Quan

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