Bigay Hilig Full Movie (2003)

Bigay Hilig is a 2003 Filipino drama and bold film written and directed by Joven Tan. It stars Gardo Versoza, Carlos Morales, and Red Riviera in the main roles. The film was produced under Starlight films.

Bigay Hilig Movie Summary

Bigay Hilig tells the story of a fireman and his girlfriend Joy. Despite everything that is given to her, Joy is not contented and continues to find love with other men.

One day, Gil discovers Joy’s affair with his workmate Allan. Despite his discovery, Gil continued to love Joy until one day she was involved in an accident that eventually ended her life together with Alla. Both of them were burned to death.

Bigay Hilig Movie Cast

Gardo Versoza, Carlos Morales, Red Riviera, Vanessa Ferrari, Rizza Licaros, Carding Castro, Cassandra Ponti

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