Best. Partee. Ever. Full Movie (2016)

Best. Partee. Ever. is a 2016 Filipino drama film written by Honeylyn Joy Alipio and directed by HF Yambao. It stars JC De Vera, Mercedes Cabral, and Jordan Herrera among others, and was produced by QCinema.

Best. Partee. Ever. Plot

Mikey, a discreet young gay man from the affluent class, spends five years in city jail for drug pushing. Inside the prison, Mikey hangs back to adapt to the culture and stratification among inmates.

Eventually, he becomes a ‘Mayor’ (ringleader) to a group of gay inmates called “Gang-da.” Together they strive to survive the dangers of gang riots, the mundane, and the decay of human dignity.

Best. Partee. Ever. Cast

JC De Vera, Mercedes Cabral, Jordan Herrera, Kristoffer King, Aaron Rivera, Angela Cortez

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