Bayaran Full Movie (2003)

Bayaran is a 2003 Filipino action-drama film written by Jerry Gracio and directed by Francis Posadas. The movie stars Jay Manalo, Carlos Morales, and Maricar De Mesa in the titular role.

From the production company Wild World Entertainment, it is one of only two films released in 2003 by the studio, the other being Boldstar.

Bayaran Movie Plot

Jay Manalo stars as Jake, a paid killer who is deaf and mute and is in love with Rizza. Maricar De Mesa stars as Rizza, a girl whose dreams of becoming a nurse are halted by money issues as she works as a club girl to earn a living for her family.

Rizza and Jake start to develop feelings for each other as Jake gives her money for financial support.

One day, Jake finds out his next job is to kill a customer of Rizza. When Rizza learns about his job as a killer, she reluctantly stays away from him and even tries to go to the police.

This leads to complicated relationships involving Rizza, Jake, Spike (Jake’s brother), and his girlfriend, Millet.

Bayaran Movie Cast

Jay Manalo, Maricar De Mesa, Carlos Morales, Kristel Venecia, Daria Ramirez, Ricardo Cepeda, John Apacible, Trishia Jacob, Ruby Europa, Cloyd Robinson, Jess Sanchez, Archie Adamos, Robert Miller, Michael Anthony Cesar, Mar Mendez, Simon Pulmano, Aaron Rodran, Tita Swarding, Favatinni Sam, Vic Belaro, Eddie Mapili, Millet Abalos, Rizza Licaros, Aldysius Norona, Jimmy Olegario, Nemie Samson, Eric Fresnido, Jethro Carantes, Jorgie Brojan, Jun Rublicio, Roseann Santos, Beth Villarin

Bayaran Full Movie

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