Balut Country Full Movie (2015)

Balut Country is a 2015 Filipino drama film directed by Paul Sta. Ana and written by Sta. Ana and Rona Lean Sales. It stars Rocco Nacino, Ronnie Quizon, and Vincent Magbanua among others. The film was produced by Brillante Mendoza and distributed by Solar Entertainment.

Balut Country Plot

Balut Country follows the journey of Jun, heir to the duck farm left to him by his late father. He must decide whether to sell the property to secure his future, or to spare the land’s loyal caretakers from the inevitable displacement.

Balut Country Cast

Rocco Nacino, Ronnie Quizon, Vincent Magbanua, Nanette Inventor, Archi Adamos, Angela Cortez, Jelson Bay, Denise Jewel Alfonso

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