Baler Full Movie (2008)

Baler is a Filipino drama film and Viva Films’ official entry to the 2008 Metro Film Festival. The film features Jericho Rosales and Anne Curtis portraying the uncanny love story of a Spanish soldier, Celso Resurección, and a local maiden Filipina, Feliza Reyes caught in the middle of a war known as the Siege of Baler.

Directed by Mark Meily, Baler won 10 awards including the best picture, best actress, and best director.

Baler Movie Plot

In 1898, a 57-rifle Spanish battalion fought for 337 days against Filipino rebels inside the church of San Luis Obispo, inside this conflict is a love affair of two individuals caught between the enemy’s line.

Celso Resurección, a half-Spanish, a half-Filipino soldier serving the Spanish garrison stationed in Baler, met a Filipina and a daughter of a Katipunero, Feliza Reyes. Despite the circumstances, the two managed to see and eventually fell in love with each other.

Their forbidden love was put to a halt when the war started, Celso did his duty for Spain and Feliza went into hiding with her family for safety. One day, Celso got the news that Feliza was pregnant and decided to escape however he was caught and executed, a day before the surrender. Feliza went to look for Celso only to find his body lying inside the church with a bullet in his heart.

Baler Movie Cast

Jericho Rosales, Anne Curtis, Phillip Salvador, Joel Torre, Andrew Schimmer, Joel Torre, Carlo Aquino, Dj Durano, Rio Locsin, Nikki Bacolod, Mark Bautista, Ryan Eigenmann, Baron Geisler, Michael De Mesa, Leo Martinez, Alvin Anson, Bernard Palanca, Jao Mapa, Alvin Anson and many more.

Baler Full Movie

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