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Bagahe Movie (The Baggage) stars Angeli Bayani as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) who left her newborn baby in a trash bin of a passenger plane while traveling back to the Philippines.

Bagahe Directed by Zig Madamba Dulay, this Pinoy indie film won three major awards – Best Actress award for Angeli Bayani and Best Screenplay award for Zig Madamba Dulay at the 2017 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Best Film at the 2018 Vesoul Asian Film Festival in France.

Bagahe Movie Plot Summary

In this very touching drama movie, Angeli Bayani plays Mercy Agbunag, a 35-year old OFW who has just returned to the Philippines and reunited with her family in a remote town in Benguet.

Shortly, a news report says that a newborn baby was found inside a trash bin of a passenger plane. Later, a team of NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) agents arrived at their home and requested her to come with them for an investigation.

The investigation includes the torturing physical and psychological examinations on her. And as expected, Mercy faced public scrutiny and a lot of judgmental people wanted her to suffer from the death penalty. In addition, a politician is using the issue to gain sympathy from the voters.

Nevertheless, the movie also exposes the dilemma of committing a crime, and that the suspect can also be a victim at the same time.

Bagahe Movie Cast

Angeli Bayani, Boots Anson-Roa, Shamaine Buencamino, Bing Pimentel, Raquel Villavicencio, Yayo Aguila, Menggie Cobarrubias, Arnold Reyes, Sue Prado, Matt Daclan, Madeleine Nicolas, Micko Laurente, Alvin Nakassi, Erlinda Villalobos, Natileigh Sitoy, Cataleya Surio, Jeanette Queblatin, Rolando Inocencio, Chanel Latorre, Jill Palencia, and Vince Rillon

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