Bad Girl Full Movie (1991)

Bad Girl is a 1991 action-drama film written and directed by veteran filmmaker Mauro Gia Samonte.

Produced and released by Regal Films, Bad Girl stars Cristina Gonzales and Zoren Legazpi in leading roles.

Bad Girl Plot

Paulito, a young man who works on a coconut farm is living miserably with his abusive father. An altercation between him and his father drove him away and he decided to leave the island with Mrs. Tantuco, a buko businesswoman. He left his childhood sweetheart Maria.

Things became messy when Maria became pregnant and her parents want her pregnancy aborted. Will Paulito return and help her?

Bad Girl Cast

Cristina Gonzales, Zoren Legaspi, Julie Ann Arpon, Bernard Banares, Ricky Belmonte, Dante Castro, Dexter Doria, Christopher Paloma, Bong Regala, Gigette Reyes, Jean Saburit, Manilyn Viray

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