Baboy Halas Full Movie (2016)

Baboy Halas (Wailings in the Forest) is a 2016 Filipino drama film written and directed by Bagane Fiola. It stars Omeles Laglagan, Ailyn Laglagan, and Vangelyn Panihao among others and was produced by QCinema.

Wailings in the Forest – Baboy Halas Storyline

An indigenous family, one of the last forest people of old, copes with the unusual changes in their ancient environment, pressured by the imposing lifestyle and customs of the tribes on the plains.

Wailings in the Forest – Baboy Halas Cast

Omeles Laglagan, Ailyn Laglagan, Vangelyn Panihao, Jhea Mae Laglagan

Watch Baboy HalasĀ  (The Wailings) Full Movie Trailer

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