Aria Full Movie (2018)

Aria is a 2108 Philippine historical drama film directed by Carlo Catu and written by Catu and Robby Tantingco. It stars Liya Sarmiento, Jay Garcia, and Cecile Yumul.

Aria Movie Plot

Aria is a drama set during several decades when the Hukbalahap was formed out of the efforts of the labor movement, which had to evolve because of the invasion of the Japanese.

Aria opens with a plea by an elderly woman for the government to restore the pension that is due to former guerilla fighters like her.

From there, the film quietly shifts several decades prior to where Pining (Liya Sarmiento), a zarzuela vocalist, is singing in front of an audience composed mostly of town leaders. Local labor leaders, led by David (Jay Garcia), arrive late to see the performance. David becomes smitten with Pining, who has been promised by her ambitious mother to be wed to the mayor’s son.

Daringly, David invites Pining to his cause, which just doesn’t charm Pining but pushes her to adhere to David’s politics and advocacies.

The meat of Aria, where the focus is on Pining and David meeting and separating as the times abruptly change, has the bold sweep of a timeless romance where lovers are torn by the tides of history.

Aria Movie Cast

Liya Sarmiento, Jay Garcia, Cecile Yumul, Kristine Pearl Lagman, Eler Delos Reyes, Ryan Ronquillo, Eufrocina Peña, Cindy Lapid, Jacqueline Soto, Hernand Timoteo Tulud, Romeo Rodriguez, Rina Alarcon, Samantha Anne Bucu, May Gosioco, Maria Rosette Aquino

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