Annak Ti Karayan Full Movie (2019)

Annak Ti Karayan (Children of the River) is a 2019 Filipino drama film written and directed by Maricel Cariaga. The film stars Noel Comia Jr., Junyka Santarin, and Dave Justine Francis. The film was produced by Cinemalaya Foundation.

Annak Ti Karayan Plot

Sworn to always look out for each other, Elias and his three best friends share the innocence of a quiet and peaceful life. They start each day with distant phone calls before heading out on a new adventure. When Ted, an outsider, takes a vacation in their community, it triggers a change within Elias.

Distraught and confused, he seeks comfort among his friends until he gradually accepts the truth about his identity. All seems good and well until that dreaded day – and the news that came with it.

Set in a quaint village by the river, the story of Elias, Agol, Pepsy, and Robin teaches the ultimate meaning of friendship, acceptance, family, hope, and peace.

Annak Ti Karayan Cast

Noel Comia Jr., Junyka Santarin, Dave Justine Francis, Ricky Oriarte, Rich Asuncion, Juancho Trivino, Jiro Custodio, Elysha Dinn Rasay, Jay Manalo

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