Angelina: The Movie Full Movie (1992)

Angelina, The Movie is a Filipino drama movie released in 1992 and filmed in Metro Manila in the Philippines. It was produced by Good Harvest Unlimited and directed by Romy V. Suzara with its story by Jose Javier Reyes and screenplay by Jose Mari Magpayo.

The film stars Cristina Gonzales, Jomar Cruz, and Eddie Gutierrez, among others. The movie was filmed in Metro Manila in the Philippines.

Angelina, The Movie Plot Summary

The movie is about Mike Fortes, played by Jomar Cruz, and Angelina, played by Cristina Gonzales. Mike, a 17-year old teenager, and high school student, was known as a troublemaker.

His disheartening attitude made his father (played by Eddie Gutierrez) frustrated with him. At one point, Mike failed high school. This prompted his father to hire a tutor for Mike.

Along came Angelina as Mike’s tutor. But Mike was infatuated by the charm and beauty of Angelina. And soon, a teacher-student relationship developed between the two. However, such a relationship spiked up their problems and instilled in them some lessons in the end.

Angelina, The Movie Movie Cast

Cristina Gonzales, Jomar Cruz, Eddie Gutierrez, Jean Saburit, Ricardo Cepeda, Lorenzo Mara, Lovely Rivero, Christopher Llanes, Lani Oteyza, Romeo Rivera, Ester Chavez, Naty Santiago, Elaine Lozano, Aileen Garcia, Carol Marcelo and many more.

Angelina, The Movie Full Movie Trailer

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