Angela Markado Full Movie (2015)

Angela Markado is a 2015 Philippine crime drama action film written and directed by Carlo J. Caparas with Abe Ocampo sharing the writing credits.

The film stars Andi Eigenmann, Bret Jackson, and Jeffrey Quizon in the leading roles. It was produced by Oro de Siete Productions and distributed by Viva Films.

Angela Markado Plot

Angela was a poor waitress who was living with her loving mother who quit as a laundrywoman. Angela was raped and sold to prostitution by 5 men.

Angela was saved by a hostess but when she returned she find out that mother her passed away and her best friend was also raped by the same men.

She makes revenge as her life’s mission to kill the five men by wearing wigs and costumes and stalking the men with a handy switchblade.

Angela Markado Cast

Andi Eigenmann, Paolo Contis, Polo Ravales, Epy Quizon

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