Ang Panahon Ng Halimaw Full Movie (2018)

Globally known as Seasons if the Devil, Ang Panahon ng Halimaw is an original Filipino opera movie starring Piolo Pascual and Shaina Magdayao. Officially released first in Berlinale on February 20, 2018, then aired in Philippine cinemas on May 28, 2018.

The movie was directed and written by the award-winning director, Lav Diaz, who is known for his long, and black and white movies won the Best Director award for this movie at Bildrausch Filmfest in 2018. Ang Panahon ng Halimaw was much appreciated outside the country and got nominated and won several awards in different international film festivals.

Ang Panahon Ng Halimaw Movie Plot

Ang Panahon ng Halimaw is likely set in the Marcos regime wherein the Martial Law happens. It shows life back then, dictatorship, fighting for freedom, cries for help, and hope for survival.

Lorena, played by Shaina Magdayao, is a young and fearless doctor who, together with his husband, moved to a community in a remote village of the Philippines, called Ginto.

The said village is ruled and supervised by uniformed armed men, who portray the parliamentary force that was deployed by the government. The presence of these armed men, brought fear and anxiety to the locals, and lived in terror, as they find and target rebels and kill people without proper investigation or trial.

Lorena opened a clinic for the poor locals and tortured people, but finds herself as the target of the armed forces. She then disappeared without a trace, and her husband, Hugo, played by Piolo Pascual, a poet, teacher, and activist who undoubtedly criticizes the government, seeks the truth of her vanishing and witness the horror that is currently happening.

Ang Panahon Ng Halimaw Movie Cast

The movie was casted by Piolo Pascual, Shaina Magdayao, Bituin Escalante, Pinky Amador, Bart Guingona, Hazel Orencio, Joel Saracho, Angel Aquino, Lilit Reyes, Don Melvin Boongaling, Noel Sto. Domingo, Ian Lomongo, Junji Delfino and many more

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