Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha Full Movie

Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha (The Family That Does Not Weep) stars Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Moi Marcampo, aka Moi Bien, is Sharon’s first-ever Cinemalaya movie entry.

Produced by Sampay Bakod, Cine Larga Productions, and Cuneta-De Guzman Pictures and directed by Mes De Guzman, this Pinoy dark comedy indie film was nominated Best Picture at the 2017 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Sharon Cuneta plays Cora Dela Cruz and Bebang (Moi Marcampo) as her housemaid. the daughter of her previous housemaid Lavinia. Cora has a husband and two kids, but she is now alone because of disloyalty.

In their town in Tungalong, there is a legend about a family that does not weep. They are Lakay Pedring (Joe Gruta), the wife Baket Celia (Flor Salanga), and their two kids Amelia and Edsel (Kiko Matos).

According to the legend, the said family did not have any problem and therefore they are always happy. In addition, they are known for bringing back anything you lost if you host them inside your house.

Cora and Bebang have many fun times together. In one of their drinking sessions, she decides to hire Biboy (Niño Muhlach), Bebang’s uncle to find a family that does not weep, hoping that her own family will come back to her.

Ang Pamilyang Hindi Lumuluha Movie Cast

Sharon Cuneta, Moi Marcampo, Niño Muhlach, Cris Villanueva, Richard Quan, Kiko Matos, Michelle Vito, Joe Gruta, Flor Salanga, Alonzo Muhlach, Philip Olayvar, Neng Cabanos

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