Ang Lalaki Sa Parola Full Movie (2007)

Ang Lalaki Sa Parola (The Man in The Lighthouse) is a 2007 Filipino gay drama film written and directed by Joselito Altarejos with Lex Bonife sharing with the writing credits. It stars Harry Laurel, Jennifer Lee, and Justin De Leon in the leading roles.

The film was produced and distributed by Beyond the Box and Viva Digital.

Ang Lalaki Sa Parola Storyline

Mateo is a lighthouse caretaker dating a teacher, Suzette, in a small town that is trying to increase tourism. Jerome stumbles across Mateo and Suzette having sex while he is on holiday from Manila.

A local gay man who pays local teenage boys for sex talks to Mateo about the negative aspects of being gay in the Philippines.

According to local legend, a lighthouse fairy seduces desirable men who then never marry. Mateo’s relationship with Jerome leads to self-reevaluation

Ang Lalaki Sa Parola Cast

Harry Laurel, Jennifer Lee, Justin De Leon, Crispin Pineda, Allan Paule, Sheree, Richard Quan, Monti Parungao, Dexter Doria

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