Ang Galing Galing Mo Babes Full Movie (2002)

Ang Galing Galing Mo Babes is a 2002 Filipino romantic-drama film  and bold movie based on the story |Hayup Sa Galing” by Abdon Noviza. The film stars Joyce Jimenez as her best in the leading role. The film was directed by Ed Palmos.

The film is produced and distributed by Bong Revilla’s Imus Productions with the help of LVN Pictures and All Scope Cinema.

Ang Galing Galing Mo Babes Plot

Babes find acclaim for her skill in fellatio. Because of this reputation, men are after her. She is torn between two lovers. One is a fine young man who marries her. One is a maniac who wants her for keeps.

Ang Galing Galing Mo Babes Cast

Joyce Jimenez, Ruby Moreno, Albert Martinez, Marcus Madrigal, Jackie Castillejos, Jenny Roa, Lester Llansang, Perla Bautista, Cloyd Robinson, Bert Martinez, Catherine Bautista, Princess Mampusti, Masa Otsuro, Sho Yoshita, Michael Gatdula

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