Ang Beerhouse Full Movie (2009)

Ang Beerhouse is a 2009 Filipino comedy-drama bold movie written and directed by Jon Red. It stars Ryan Eigenmann, Jeffrey Quizon, and Gwen Garci in the leading roles and was produced by Pabrika Pictures and Pelipula Productions.

Ang Beerhouse Plot

A poor isaw vendor with a peeping problem is in love with the star attraction of a local beerhouse.

Along with his best friend, he spends all daydreaming of becoming one of the beerhouse’s clients, and he forms a plan to do just that.

Ang Beerhouse Cast

Ryan Eigenmann, Jeffrey Quizon, Gwen Garci, Kalila Aguilos, Che Ramos, Catherine Racsag, Hector Macaso, Raul Morit, Jun Ureta, Herbie Vetus, Joel Torre

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