Ang Alamat ni China Doll Full Movie (2013)

Ang Alamat ni China Doll stars Phillip Salvador, Cesar Montano, and Angelica Panganiban as the mysterious woman with changing identities and became under the government’s witness protection program. Produced by Cinema One Originals and Phoenix Features, written by Lav Diaz, and directed by Adolfo Alix Jr, this non-linear indie film won 6 major awards at the 2013 Cinema One Originals Film Festival.

Ang Alamat ni China Doll Movie Plot Summary

In this film, Angelica Panganiban plays Helen, a 27-year old woman who lives with her Chinese-born grandmother (Anita Linda) and is about to finish high school to start a new life. She is dubbed as a former member of a group involved in several murder incidents and uses different identities including Myrna Yu and China Doll. Helen disappeared when an NBI agent (Phillip Salvador) placed her under the witness protection program.

One day, ambitious journalist Perry Nanali (Cesar Montano) wrote a news article about the alleged truth about China Doll that poses risk to Helen’s life. Now, Helen is being haunted by her past that she has been trying to forget. Apparently, the entire movie has a lot of flashback scenes from Helen’s past. In addition, its being non-linear suggests that the truth about China Doll is better not to be exposed and should remain a mystery.

Below is the complete list of awards won by Ang Alamat ni China Doll:
Cinema One Originals Film Festival

* Best Picture
* Best Actress (Angelica Panganiban)
* Best Cinematography (Albert Banzon)
* Best Editing (Charliebebs Gohetia)
* Best Music (Lav Diaz)
* Best Sound (Mark Locsin, Dante Cuanico, Albert Michael Idioma, and Alex Tomboc)

Ang Alamat ni China Doll Cast

Phillip Salvador, Cesar Montano, Angelica Panganiban, Anita Linda, Allan Paule, Evelyn Vargas, Carlo Aquino, Cherry Pie Picache, Yul Servo, Jess Mendoza, Evelyn Acueza, Mariella Castillo, Dustin Jose, Janvier Daily, Marc Acueza.

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