Anakan Mo Ako Full Movie (1999)

Anakan Mo Ako is a 1999 Filipino drama film written and directed by Humilde Roxas. The film stars Klaudia Koronel in the main role.

The film was produced by Seiko Films with the collaboration of LVN Pictures.

Anakan Mo Ako Plot

The film tells the story of a young woman who is a member of a tribe. The tribe elders want to preserve their lineage and the young woman becomes the subject of repeated sexual activities in an attempt to produce the tribe’s offspring. Will she survive with the man she doesn’t love?

Anakan Mo Ako Cast

Klaudia Koronel, Anton Bernardo, Gino Ilustre, Nicole Nicolas, Sofia Valdez, Debbie Royales, Cris Daluz, Beverly Salviejo, Flora Gasser

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