An Kubo Sa Kawayanan Full Movie (2015)

An Kubo Sa Kawayanan is a 2015 Philippine fantasy-drama film written and directed by Alvin Yapan. It stars Mercedes Cabral, RK Bagatsing, and Marc Felix among others. The film was produced by Vim Yapan/Alem Chua Productions

An Kubo Sa Kawayanan Plot

An Kubo sa Kawayanan follows an embroiderer named Michelle, but the film is not about her. The film is about a house, in a thicket of bamboo trees, which, if it has its own personality, will be your two years-younger boyfriend who throws tantrums whenever fits of jealousy get to him.

He’s not your ideal partner if hiding footwear turns you off. He hides your things so you won’t leave him. The house, in today’s modern age, is basically the type that does not get a second date.

Michelle has a strange love story with her house by the bamboo grove, with which she developed a language, with things functioning as words only she could understand.

An Kubo Sa Kawayanan Cast

Mercedes Cabral, RK Bagatsing, Marc Felix

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