Alipin Ng Tukso Full Movie (2000)

Alipin Ng Tukso is a 2000 romantic-drama film written by Rolly Perillo Lao and directed by Rico Tariman.

The film is rated R due to its graphic content and starring Halina Perez in the main role.

Alipin Ng Tukso Plot

Selya works as a maid for Senyor Alfonso and has a sexual relationship with house boy Zandro. Liza, a senior housemaid warns Selya that Zandro will leave her one day.

Things got messy when Zandro confessed to Liza that he loves her. On the other hand, Senyor Alfonso tells Zandro to stay away from Liza. What happens next is an unexpected turn of events.

Alipin Ng Tukso Cast

Halina Perez, Allona Amor, Roy Alvarez, Leo Rabago, Pamela Ortiz, Harold Pineda, Rosanna Magdalena, Gladys Mae Santos, Boy Fernandez, Rey Bejar, Pristina Lopez, Joel Ortega, Jesus Cruz, Danny Zabrano, Rudy Castillo

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