Akin Ka Ngayong Gabi Full Movie (1999)

Akin Ka Ngayong Gabi is a 1999 Philippine drama film and bold movie written and directed by Francis Posadas. It stars Katrina Paula, Toffee Calma, and Kristina Kasten among others.

Akin Ka Ngayong Gabi Plot

All her life, Divina (Katrina Paula) has been haunted by the bitter memory of her mother’s betrayal. She grew up dreading relationships. However, all that changes when she meets Randy (Toffee Calma), her employer’s son who has just returned from the US.

Akin Ka Ngayong Gabi Plot Cast

Katrina Paula, Toffee Calma, Kristina Kasten, Nick Alladin, Razelle Angela, Jimmy Concepcion, Susan Corpuz, Emil Cristobal, Poppo Lontoc

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