Aguila Full Movie (1980)

Aguila is an epic drama movie starring Fernando Poe Jr as Daniel Aguila, who has lived in several generations in Philippine history.

Produced by Bancom Audiovision and directed by National Artist for Cinema and Broadcast Arts awardee Eddie Romero, this three-and-a-half FPJ movie won Best Picture, and Best Screenplay and Best Director for Eddie Romero at the 1981 FAMAS Awards, as well as Best Supporting Actress award for Daria Ramirez at the 1981 Gawad Urian Awards.

Aguila Movie Plot Summary

The movie starts with the Aguila clan celebrating Daniel’s 88th birthday. However, he has been missing for eight years and his family cannot find him. As the celebration goes along, they found an unfinished biography of Daniel, written by his wife Salvacion or Sally (Charo Santos), who has already passed away a few years ago. As read by Daniel’s young grandson, Daniel was born on July 8, 1892. Shortly, there was a series of flashbacks that started in 1898, during the Spanish era.

When Daniel was only 6 years old, her mother Isabel (Amalia Fuentes) took him away from their home because her father does not agree with her marrying a poor peasant who works for them and has joined the Katipunan. In his thirties, Daniel Aguila became a military officer; and had an extramarital affair when he retired at the age of 60. Later, Mari (Christopher de Leon), Daniel’s eldest son eventually found him living a very simple life with the Aetas. Aguila is considered one of the best Filipino movies of all time.

Aguila Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Amalia Fuentes, Christopher de Leon, Elizabeth Oropesa, Eddie Garcia, Jay Ilagan, Chanda Romero, Charo Santos, Daria Ramirez, Celia Rodriguez, Orestes Ojeda, Susan Valdez, Sandy Andolong, Johnny Delgado, Conrad Poe, Roderick Paulate, Ruben Rustia, Dave Brodette, Ricky Rivero, Ricky Sandico, Behn Cervantes, Joonee Gamboa, Lito Anzures, Aga Muhlach (Ariel Muhlach), and many more.

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