Adultery Aida Macaraeg Case No 7892 Full Movie (1984)

Adultery Aida Macaraeg Case No 7892 stars Vilma Santos as a woman who was sued for living with a man despite still being married to a prisoner.

Produced by Regal Films, this Lino Brocka movie is said to be based on a true legal battle story and highlights the other side of getting married and infidelity.

Adultery Aida Macaraeg Case No 7892 Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Aida Macaraeg (Vilma Santos) is a waitress and the breadwinner of the family. His father is bedridden, her jobless brother who has a family at an early age and is living with them, while her younger sister Miriam (Deborah Sun) has a child out of wedlock. Aida has a boyfriend Ricardo Bautista or Carding (Phillip Salvador), who is involved in the illegal drug trade led by Bumbay (Rene Hawkins) and she knows it.

But because Aida is fed with her family, she left them and lived with Carding. One night, Carding was arrested and was sent to jail. Shortly, Aida finds out she is pregnant with him. After telling it to Carding, they got married inside the prison.

However, Aida met an older but rich man Tito Pangilinan (Mario Montenegro) and lived with him. After 7 years, Carding was released and he sued Aida for adultery. The question is, who will win the case?

Adultery Aida Macaraeg Case No 7892 Movie Cast

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Vilma Santos, Phillip Salvador, Mario Montenegro, Deborah Sun, Anita Linda, Tita De Villa, Alvin Enriquez, Menggie Cobarrubias, Dido de la Paz, Aida Carmona, Benjie Ledesma, Tessie Padua, Ricky Gonzales, Rene Hawkins, Nonoy De Guzman, and many more.

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